French horror Marianne on Netflix leaving viewers ‘scared for life’

The French horror drama Netflix viewers have been left “scared for their lives”. After watching this creepy horror series, saying they’ll “never sleep again”.

Netflix fans have been left “scared for their lives” after watching creepy horror series Marianne. Saying they’ll “never sleep again”.

Viewers of the horror show took to social media to admit that it made them terrified after streaming the series online.

Marianne was first released to the streaming service in 2019, but is making a comeback this month.

The French horror drama sees a famous author lured back to her home town where she discovers a series of terrifying events.

The writer discovers the evil spirit that plagues her dreams and inspires her stories is out wreaking havoc in the real world.

Fans have been flooding Netflix to watch the scary show – but have taken to Twitter to hit out that it’s made them “scared for their life”.

“Scared the living sh*t out of me all while telling a fantastic story,” one wrote. As another said: “Now I can’t sleep, this series scared the heck outta me. I loved it though.”

“I am scared for my life, good start,” a third said, while a fourth added: “First time in decades I’ve gotten scared of the dark because of something terrifying I watch on TV or a movie.”

“Damn, if I’m gonna go to sleep by myself … I’m too scared,”. A fifth concluded.

It comes after Netflix fans say they “can’t sleep” after watching creepy horror Eerie – saying “I can’t finish this movie”.

The Filipino thriller has been lauded one of this year’s most terrifying film since it debuted on the streaming service. TV fans flocked to Twitter to complain after the much-hyped film was released.

Netflix show Eerie is set at an all-girls Catholic school in the Philippines. When a student unexpectedly takes her own life, others claim they are being haunted by her ghost.

A clairvoyant guidance counsellor, played by Filipino actress Bea Alonzo, then decides to investigate. In doing so, she uncovers some horrific truths about the convent’s dark past.



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