Demanded the death penalty, Teddy Minahasa: I am not a drug dealer

Teddy Minahasa Demands Death . The former West Sumatra Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Teddy Minahasa. Was demanded the death penalty for the alleged sale of methamphetamine-type drug evidence. Teddy Minahasa believes that the death penalty is very unfair.

“Because I am not a crystal methamphetamine owner, I am not a drug dealer, nor am I a recidivist. I did not want or arrange transactions, nor did I receive profits or proceeds from the sale of methamphetamine by Dodi Prawiranegara and friends,” he said at the West Jakarta District Court , Thursday (13/4/2023).

Teddy Minahasa explained that the death penalty is very severe and does not reflect a sense of justice. He also asked the panel of judges to consider as fairly as possible in accordance with the evidentiary process during the trial and the available evidence. Both formally and materially.

“As well as my various services and contributions to society, the nation and the state during my service as a member of the National Police, including my background and track record in everyday life,” he said.

Teddy Minahasa explained that he is the backbone for the life of his family. Parents and in-laws and is a regular donor at several orphanages and orphanages. But since the incident his whole life has been shattered, and it must have had an impact on his family, parents, and in-laws.

Teddy Minahasa Demands Death Penalty

“This is all due to engineering and conspiracy against me. All my dignity and honor have been torn apart by the ferocity of mainstream media coverage as well as by netizens and buzzers driven by conspirators through social media,”. Said Teddy Minahasa.

He also said he was accused of being a methamphetamine general, as a methamphetamine dealer. As a narcotics syndicate, narcotics mafia, drug kingpins, and others. The constellation mentioned above has exceeded the limits of humanity.

“So I have been judged first by the public (trial by the press),”. Explained Teddy Minahasa.

Previously, the Public Prosecutor (JPU) charged Teddy Minahasa with the death penalty. He is believed to be guilty of committing the criminal act of trafficking methamphetamine-type narcotics.

Teddy Minahasa is considered to have violated Article 114 paragraph (2) of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1) 1 of the Criminal Code.

“Those who do. Order to do, and who participate in carrying out without rights or against the law offer to sell, sell. Become intermediaries in buying and selling, exchanging and handing over Narcotics Group I not plants, weighing more than 5 (five) grams ‘.

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