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Queensland gas station drive

Queensland gas station drive thieves

Thieves drive off from Queensland petrol station with owner clinging to bonnet.

Thieves have driven off from a petrol station with the servo’s owner clinging onto the stolen car’s bonnet in south-east. Queensland gas station drive thieves.
Owner Clint Weber was working at his service station in Toowoomba when he recognised a car on the shop’s security camera feed, as it had stolen fuel earlier in the week.
When the thieves got back inside the car without paying yesterday, Webber stood in front of it but they hit the accelerator and collected him on the bonnet.

“He just decided he was going to run over me so he proceeded to do that,” Webber said.
“At that point, I held on for grim death I suppose.”
His wife and other customers watched as the thieves drove off with Webber still on the bonnet.
Queensland gas station drive thieves. Police senior investigator Jason Kitto confirmed the vehicle was stolen from a home in Toowoomba on Saturday.
“We believe those responsible for the offence yesterday at the service station are also responsible for a number of other offences within the Darling Downs district,” Kitto said.
Police are still searching for the driver and passenger who stole the fuel.
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